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Image by Anna Kolosyuk
The Mission:
The mission of The DEN is to enrich the community in a collaborative space for the betterment of mind and body. 

The Vision

Imagine a place where art, science, creative thinking, and technology come together. Imagine a place where your daughter could take dance and your son can take coding at the same time, under one roof. And you have the opportunity to prepare a home cooked dinner while you wait. Sounds amazing, right? This is the vision at the DEN. Multiple activities, one roof. 


In addition to youth programing the DEN will offer multiple enrichment opportunities for adults and senior citizens. The programs brought to the DEN will be ever-changing, depending on the needs of our community. 


At The DEN, we’re committed to encouraging students all ages to continuously create, learn, and enrich their lives. Our ever-evolving programs reflects this commitment.

Courses & Programs

Activities at The DEN may include, but not limited to:

Exact programming will be developed based on feedback from the community and availability of teachers. Offerings will change and grow with the community. 

Have a class you want to teach? Let us know!

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